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Top 10 Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen needs a lighting system for numbers of reasons, like enough light while you are cooking and illumination to enrich the atmosphere. Here are several interesting ideas for kitchen lighting. You may like one of them. #1: Recessed Lighting This kind of lighting makes it possible for you to have perfect and inviting lighting at […]

10 Galley Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

Having a galley kitchen can be boring sometimes because we do not have a lot of space. These ideas may give you enough inspiration how to make your galley kitchen a lot more attractive than before. #1: More Practical Storages Use multifunction cabinets where you can have shelves and storages as well as sinks at […]

7 Kitchen Colour Trends in UK

kitchen trends uk

Beginning the new era brings us a lot of exciting new things including on interior trends. We also like to refinish the house with the latest trend on colours. It goes the same way on all rooms including the kitchen, the new room where we like to hang out. Here are colours on trend in […]