8 Amazing Tips before Installing Artificial Grass

Installing Artificial GrassHow artificial turf Phoenix AZ turn your lawn into the loveliest one in the neighborhood? The answer is by installing fake grass. It requires low maintenance, easy to install and could decorate the lawn for the whole year, despite of the weather and season. Those who opt to install the fake grass by themselves should slip several tips to their pockets.

  1. Prepare The Tools

You are not going to start this project nicely with only materials and spade on your hand. Depending on the area, some additional tools might be required. The most basic ones are wheelbarrow, measuring tape, compactor, landscape rake, trimming shear and cutting knife.

Grab small wheelbarrow, since it will be handier than the big one. Moreover, oversized wheelbarrow will take up your working space. You could not miss the measuring tape also. Any error will remain and it is not nice to have patches fake grass.

  1. Dig The Ground

The first tip you want to keep in mind is to prep up the ground. Grab your spade and start to dig out the big stones, weed, or grass. Even though the grass is fake, you want soft bed as you step on it. Stones will hurt your feet and be a problem for the installation. Give one or two inches depth for normal weather area. If your area is colder, you should make it four.

  1. Pick The Base

It comes in form of sand or rock. The function is quite important: to help with drainage system and also providing the solid surface to walk on. For the best absorption level, many contractors suggest to use three quarter or a quarter inches as the base. Layer the top with softer or finer material. If you have dog pet, most owners would recommend to use the three quarter rocks, as it will provide better drainage. The odor will disappear faster, too.

  1. Air The Turf

When the turf arrived, you will have a heavy big roll. Keep in mind not to drag the turf around, as it may break the fiber. Before installation, spread it under the sun for several hours. Otherwise, the grass would be flat and stick together. The drying process will help the fiber to loosen up and straighten any wrinkles from the folding. Later when you move it to the prepared ground, you can organize the grass direction better.

  1. Secure The Grass

Aside from the adhesive solution, you must nail the border and some high traffic parts. You could use the most favorite nails: six inches galvanize nail for every six to ten inches. You could also punch in four inches pressure treated wood or the metal nail. To get stronger hold, you can use the ribbed or spiral shank to the galvanized staple or nail.

  1. Add Infill

To make artificial turf Phoenix AZ looks real, add infill. It is the artificial sand made from acrylic or rubber. If you have the green pack, it is acrylic with antimicrobial particle and the black pack is rubber crumbs particle. Among these two, the green acrylic sand is better for its antibacterial agent. This simple addition makes the grass stands higher and gives natural setting, if you add it when the turf is completely dried.

  1. Tidy The Whole Lawn

Rack and broom are the best tools to perform this duty. After spreading the infill on top of the fake grass, there might be some corners that haven’t been covered yet. Brush the surface of the lawn with your broom and decide whether you need to pour another bag of infill. For the corner area, you could use your hand to spread the infill evenly.

  1. Slip Edges

Instead of simple and boring border, you could give a fresh option to the lawn. Most people usually flip their leftover turf, but this is actually not good. Rock, curbing, track board and mulch would be the best choice as a pair. It will also provide you with more realistic lawn than the plain grass.

Knowing how you will deal with fake grass installation is great. Any project has its own secret, and you would be glad to know some of them before hand. Prepare the suitable tools, smooth out the surface and trim some awkward edges. If you don’t have luck with the whole steps, then it is time to rely the baton to professional artificial turf Phoenix AZ.

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