The Beauty and Versatility of Cowhide Rugs

cowhide rugs living roomThere are so many benefits associated with cowhide rugs that their consistent popularity in the field of interior design does not come as a surprise to most individuals. Because of their versatility and longevity, they should be considered by virtually every consumer. Whether one is moving into a new dwelling, redecorating, or simply wants to breathe new life into an otherwise drab room, he or she need look no further than a trendy and timeless cowhide rug.


A cowhide rug is exceptionally easy to incorporate into any dwelling’s existing décor. Additionally, unlike other options, these rugs can be used in essentially any part of the home, such as a bedroom, living room, recreational room or even a finished basement or attic. With their natural colors and markings, they lend themselves to rustic, contemporary, modern, country or Western décor.

Natural Beauty

Those who enjoy rugs with natural markings and colors are almost always pleased with the look of cow hide, as it ideally complements any room designed to be natural and rustic. In addition, such rugs can single-handedly create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Some homeowners even use such rugs as decorative wall hangings. This is a particularly good option in homes or apartments where unpainted wooden walls are found. Rugs of this type can also double as throws for beds, couches, love seats and easy chairs.


Cowhide rugs are notably durable and unlike conventional rugs, they can be placed in high traffic area’s without wearing out in a short length of time. For this reason, those searching for home rugs that add beauty and warmth to a room, but also offer exceptional longevity should consider this type of rug.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, these rugs are great insulators and can help to significantly reduce drafts during winter in virtually any home. In this way, one can enjoy the beauty of hardwood floors, but still have a buffer against chilly drafts, as well as a warm surface on which to walk.


Even though most consumers know that the presence of allergies and respiratory sensitivity are on the rise, hypoallergenic rugs are not always easy to find on today’s market. Fortunately, those with concerns about synthetic fibers or other rug materials that trigger allergies are typically quite pleased with cowhide rugs, which rarely exacerbate asthma, allergies or similar problems.

Because there are many sizes and styles available, the perfect rug can be found to suit virtually any budget or lifestyle. For this reason, any consumer who wishes to update one or more rooms in his or her dwelling will find that an attractive and stylish cowhide rug is the ideal way to accomplish this goal.

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