DRAINAGE: Main Causes of Smell and Problem in Your Home

drain smells how to cleanDrain smell is most probably the most common reason of foul smell eruption in your house. It can be caused by a number of reasons and needs an expert to effectively find the source and kill it. There are also different smells that come from such situation. A sewerage smell would be different from a clogged drain, and an experienced plumber can find the right difference.


1.   Bathroom Smell

If your room is filled with a nasty smell and a bathroom is attached to it, then 90% of the time the reason is the toilet. This can be determined for sure by a plumbing engineer that conducts various water tests with sophisticated equipment. Not every plumber in Durham is operational to perform such actions, so it’s better to hire the one that comes loaded with all the aspects.

2.   Blocked Drain Smell

If the house is smelling like human excreta than it is a possibility that the drain is blocked or the toilet is congested. Any blocked drain can cause the smell to ooze out from toilet and spread in the surrounding area. A plumber then has to open up the inspection chamber and check the flushing of the toilet. If this is not happening then, the toilet drain is blocked and needs to be fixed immediately.

3.   Drainage Kitchen Smell

Sometimes a drain can also get blocked or leaked in the kitchen and most likely waste pipes are the reason. The garbage that is not supposed to be crammed down the kitchen’s drain gets stuck in the middle and rots, hence creating a foul smell. The way to get rid of this is spreading a chemical shot in the drain or calling a plumber immediately.


The drain smell emerging from your drainage system is not only difficult to bear, but can also prove very unhealthy for humans. In some cases, the gas that spreads across the house may ignite in extreme temperatures. This situation is extremely rare due to the low H20 mixer in the air, but the problem should be attended too as soon as possible.


If you cannot get a hold of a good plumber instantly, you can always detect the source of this nasty smell with a unique tool. H2S tester is a product that can detect the levels of impurities in the air. This equipment is very expensive and can only give limited results. It is always advisable to call an emergency plumber in Durham and fix the problem before it escalates.

If you’re someone who is experiencing drain smells and leakage in their homes or commercial areas, then immediately call your nearest plumber and live in a fresh and healthy environment.

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