Save Money – And The Planet, Too

save our planet Save Money   And The Planet, TooOne of the most commonly mentioned benefits of private efforts to help save our planet is the idea that conservation in various forms also saves you money.

True enough: If you cut the heat down a couple of degrees in your home, you can save money and provide our ailing Mother Earth with a small gesture of environmental goodwill.

What’s the benefit? Every degree that you can turn down the heat can save you 3 percent of your heating bill, according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s deputy director Bill Prindle.

That means a 3-4 degree drop in your home’s temperature saves about $10 on a $100 heating bill or $20 on a $200 heating bill, according to the Web site I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

In the meantime, you might be tempted to turn of your heat when you are not home, but experts say that bringing your home back to a comfortable temperature when you return home costs more than it would to just keep your home at a moderate temperature.

Here are some other tried and true methods for saving energy and helping out the planet at the same time:


Insulate … everything. Insulation is most important in the attic of your home, given heat rises – in homes as well as elsewhere. But water pipes can also be insulated, as can water heaters. Walls and floors can be insulated, too. Even a rug serves as a thin layer of insulation.

While you’re at it, put on a sweater. That just insulates another heating system: Your metabolism.


First, buy energy efficient appliances where possible, because you can only be as efficient as your appliances allow.

You should also maintain your appliances in top working order. Just cleaning the lint trap in your dryer more frequently allows it to operate more efficiently. Cleaning a water filter – just a simple metal screen inserted into a hose that went to the washing machine – saved me plenty, cutting down the time the water pump had to run easily in half.

Did you ever hear the trick of keeping the refrigerator full to save energy? When it’s full, there is less room for warm air to rush in when you open the door. If you don’t have much in the refrigerator, put a few milk jugs full of water in there just to fill it up a bit.

Real time pricing

You can save money, by shopping smarter, but what about finding a pricing system that lends itself to savings, including real time pricing and night and day price changes?

With favorable nighttime rates, consumers are encouraged by monetary incentive to use appliances, such as dishwashers, late at night. With timers, you can take advantage of nighttime rates and reduce the pressure on utility companies which forces them to compete for higher priced electricity.

The system called real-time pricing works in the same manner, explains Local Electricity Companies, which manages consumer choices in the deregulated state of Illinois. Consumers can monitor hourly prices per kWh of electricity and “avoid peak hour consumption and hopefully cut down on their monthly bill.” Local Electricity Company explains more in detail at

Choose the right appliances

Use window shades or curtains to block the sun. Open windows on more than one side of a home to allow the air to circulate more freely.

Light bulbs

Buy energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs. They save energy and last far longer than standard light bulbs. It’s hard to beat a deal like that.

Programmable thermostats

Programmable heating and cooling systems have proven track records for saving energy and money. An automated system doesn’t forget to turn the heat down a few degrees at night. It can also stop you from impulsively turning up the thermostat when you feel a chill.

In addition, experts advise that you do not turn the heat off in your house while you are away, but allow the home to stay at a moderate temperature, as it is more efficient than having to reheat your home from a low temperature when you return.

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