Top Five of Benefits to Adding Window Blinds to your Home

Window Blinds - Photo by Thomas Sanderson

Window Blinds - Photo by Thomas Sanderson

There are many reasons why blinds are consistently popular with homeowners. Thomas Sanderson have some top quality window blinds available, for the best prices in the business. Call today for a Design Consultation, and be well on the way to installing some stunning blinds in your home.


The number one reason for installing blinds into a house is privacy. Let’s be honest, nobody wants their neighbours to be able to see their every move. It is easy to block out prying eyes with blinds and ensure that no one else can look into the house. With curtains, there is always the chance that they are too thin or caught up, allowing light and nosy neighbours to have a peek into the property – with blinds this is not a problem. They are either open or closed.

Block out the light, keep in the heat

Perfect for bedrooms, blinds are superb at removing outside light from any room. They will stop light seeping in during the morning, which is handy to ensure that no one gets woken up. Whilst daylight may escape around the outside of curtains if someone hasn’t shut them properly, blinds create a uniform wall, using layering to make sure that no light will be disturbing the occupants. This darkness is also perfect when you are watching a film; no distracting reflective glare that can obstruct the view.

Blinds are also effective at making sure too much heat does not dissipate through the window. Depending on the material, up to 25% of heat can be saved within the house by using blinds.

Last longer than curtains

The most popular blinds are made of solid materials, like wood and plastic. This means that they do not succumb to mould as easily as curtains. The cost of a good quality set of curtains may set you back a lot, whereas blinds are cheaper for the same quality, and more easily utilised within a room.

Another positive point that should be considered when purchasing blinds is their lack of sun stripping. Obviously, curtains and blinds are the barrier between the weather and the house, so after a while they can become battered and worn. Curtains can often become colour faded a lot quicker than their blinds counterpart, simply because the material strips easier than blinds when exposed to daily sun. This will become especially apparent after a while, at whatever windows have the most daylight.

Easy to maintain

Blinds are much easier to look after than their curtain counterparts. When it comes time to clean blinds, they can easily be taken down and wiped, before being put immediately back up. With curtains, this effort is magnified with having to wash them. Anyone who has ever tried to drag the heavy and sopping wet material out of the washing machine, before leaving them somewhere to dry, will sympathise with just how much effort it is. With blinds, cleaning is easy. Most of the time, all that needs to be done is a quick wipe, and they are finished.

Great way to refresh a room

Blinds are an inexpensive way to renew even the oldest of rooms. They can create a more chic atmosphere; there are so many styles and colours available that the change is simple and easy to make, without breaking the bank. Blinds give a room the elegant edge, with a touch of class.

Just giving a room a lick of paint, coupled with some new blinds and perhaps some matching cushions, new life can be installed into a room within an afternoon.

There are a lot of reasons why blinds are so popular in a variety of different styles. Whether it is a classic, family room, or an elegant style, using blinds has added benefits that cannot be ignored.

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