5 Commonly Overlooked Home Security Tips

You’ve got a deadbolt on every door and you’ve installed a monitored home alarm system. So what else can you do to make your home safer? As it turns out, there are all kinds of problems that homeowners commonly overlook when it comes to home security, and in most cases they can be easily solved by exercising a little common sense. Here are just a few such issues that you may want to address in your own home.

  1. Open windows. As long as the first floor windows are closed, you might think your house is safe from intrusion. But burglars that see an open window upstairs are delighted by your naivety, especially if you also have a ladder leaning against a wall or hanging out by the shed. In mere moments a burglar can clamber up to the second floor and gain access to your home nearly as easily as walking in the front door. So close and lock ALL windows when you’re out of the house or sleeping.
  2. Hide-a-keys. If you’re worried about the kids forgetting their keys and getting locked out, you might want to consider foregoing a hide-a-key, which anyone can access, and opting instead for a digital door lock with a code. If your kids forget the code they can call you for immediate access. Or you might even be able to link it up to a smart home alarm system so that it can be unlocked remotely using a tablet or smartphone.
  3. Giving out private information. Even if you employ the strictest privacy settings on your social media accounts, you might accept online friends and followers that you don’t really know. So be careful about what you post online, including pictures of your home and information pertaining to your whereabouts, whether you’re at home, around your neighborhood, or on vacation. All of this data can be used to alert a burglar to where you live and when you’ll be away. And make sure your kids know how to behave appropriately online, as well.
  4. Overgrown shrubs. You may enjoy the seclusion that greenery provides, but so do burglars, who can use it to hide while they spy on you, getting to know your habits so that they can strike when you least expect it (preferably when you’re not home). They may see you enter alarm codes, they could watch you open your safe and place items inside, or even get a glimpse of you entering passwords for bank accounts online. Since you’d probably like to avoid all of these occurrences and the trouble they can cause, you should definitely keep shrubbery neatly trimmed. You might also want to consider adding blinds to your windows.
  5. Living in a neighborhood full of strangers. The home security system you have installed by ADT orĀ Alert America will go a long way towards protecting your home and your family from intruders. But what may help even more is having eyes and ears all over the neighborhood. When you take the time to get to know your neighbors you foster a sense of community in which everyone looks out for each other. If someone is lurking outside your home and a neighbor sees, you want to know that they have your phone number and they’ll call you immediately, or that they care enough to call the police. And you want to know that they aren’t spreading idle gossip, like telling everyone at the coffee shop that you’re out of town for three weeks, for example. Making nice with the homeowners on your block is an important part of creating a safe environment for everyone who lives in your neighborhood.

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