How Often Should You Deep-Clean Your Home?

Cleaning your home is a personal matter and we all have ideas about what is acceptable when it comes to cleanliness. While some people are perfectly happy wading through a pile of clothes in the bedroom and living with a fine layer of dust on all surfaces, others freak out the moment a drop of dinner lands on the linoleum or a spec of dirt settles on the mantle. Of course most of us fall somewhere in between these two extremes. Sure, we’ll clean the bathrooms weekly and spot clean the kitchen as needed, but we don’t necessarily wake from a deep sleep and leap out of bed in the middle of the night because we forgot to vacuum on schedule. And so, over time, certain areas of the house can collect a bit of grime and other buildup, requiring more than the standard once-over with a dust rag. But how often do you really need to deep clean your home?

You’ve no doubt heard of spring cleaning; this task takes place during the time of year when warm breezes return, you fling the shutters wide after a long winter of being shut in, and promptly realize that your interior has been enveloped in a cloud of dust. With the winter holidays long past you can finally get around to taking those boxes of unwanted gifts to Goodwill, or better yet, returning them for a refund or store credit. And once you start clearing the clutter, it’s no great stretch to begin moving the furniture to clean underneath and climbing on chairs to hit up the dust on top of appliances and cabinetry. Since you’re up there you may as well dust off lighting fixtures and attack the cobwebs that have found their way into the corners of your ceilings. And don’t forget about ceiling fans, which you’ll soon want to turn on without worrying that a shower of dust bunnies will rain down on you.

But again, you may be wondering how often this type of cleaning should occur. Once you get started you might end up moving the fridge to clean underneath, popping off the hose on your clothes dryer to pull out lint, and even emptying every cabinet in your home to clean shelves, add new contact paper, and throw away outdated beauty products and expired non-perishable items. These aren’t tasks you’re going to perform every week, but should you be doing them more than once a year, say on a monthly basis?

This really depends on how clean you like your home and how much time you want to devote to keeping it truly spic-and-span. On the one hand, cleaning it annually means that the dirt has a whole year to build up, potentially making for a far more time-consuming task. But if you deep clean monthly the process might be relatively quick considering that there hasn’t been much time for grime to gather. Ideally, you should probably deep clean about every six months if you can manage it. And if you can’t, consider hiring a cleaning crew from a local business likeĀ The Prestige Maids. You’ll pay for the privilege, but if it means your home gets the deep clean it needs, it’s well worth the expense once in a while.

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