5 Major Benefits of Home Automation Technology

Even if you’re pretty tech savvy, you might not be aware of the recent advances in home automation technology that help you to create smart home systems. And yet, you shouldn’t be that surprised that there are programs in place designed to give you control over all of the electronics in your home via computers and even mobile devices like your smartphone and tablet. With the ability to receive information on these gadgets, including not only calls, texts, and internet browsing, but also data from household systems, it shouldn’t be that surprising that plenty of companies have started experimenting with turning the tables to allow users to send information back down the pipeline. And while home security services seem to be leading the charge at the moment, Vivint, ADT, and others certainly aren’t the only ones offering homeowners the option to automate their households and control them remotely. As a result, you can enjoy all kinds of time-saving benefits that make your life easier. Here are just a few to consider if you’re debating installing automation technology in your home.

  1. Greater home security. Perhaps the biggest benefit for many homeowners when it comes to having an automated system is the ability to increase security, which is probably why so many home alarm system providers have jumped on the bandwagon. Once you have your system in place and you download the accompanying application to your smartphone or tablet, you can always makes sure your security system is armed, your doors are locked, and your garage door is closed. Forgot to arm the alarm this morning when you left for work? Now your home need not be unprotected until you return at night. With a few simple taps you can turn it on from afar. And when you travel you can control lighting and electronics randomly to make it look like you’re at home, rather than using the easy-to-identify ruse provided by antiquated timers.
  2. Monitoring capabilities. With any home automation systems you’ll gain the ability to track your electrical systems, perhaps even charting electrical usage through sensors. However, you can also receive notifications when systems are tampered with (like if your kids adjust the thermostat) or if there are hazards like a break-in, a fire, or even a leak of some sort. And of course, you can hook up webcams or other surveillance cameras in order to keep an eye on the exterior of your home, or even the interior if you want to make sure your kids get safely home from school.
  3. Ease of use. It doesn’t get much better than opening an app that lets you turn up the heat, turn on the lights, start the oven warming up, and set your favorite program to record before you even leave the office. And when you arrive home with a carload of groceries, a couple of taps in the driveway is all it takes to open the garage, disarm the alarm, and unlock the door.
  4. Energy efficiency. When you have total control over the systems in your home, a little trial and error can help you figure out the best ways to maximize energy efficiency by turning off lights and electronics when you’re not home and setting the thermostat accordingly for your needs throughout the day. In some cases you’ll even have options to create presets (for times when you’re home, away, or asleep, just for example) or set a daily schedule.
  5. Peace of mind. Whether you contract with Vivint, Phoenix Unequaled Home Entertainment, or some other company that offers home automation services, the best thing about installing a smart home system is that you’ll gain peace of mind in the process. If you travel frequently, your kids are often at home alone (after school, for example), or you’re so busy that you constantly forget whether you turned off the coffee pot and armed the alarm, an automated home system, complete with apps for your mobile devices, can provide you with the knowledge, control, and peace of mind you need to focus on other things.

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