5 Awesome Kitchen Design Layouts with Islands

kitchen island ideas layout 5 Awesome Kitchen Design Layouts with IslandsKitchen islands are very useful additions to any modern home. This is mostly due to the sheer number of utilities and devices that usually take up most of the workspace. There usually is tons of storage space, but the actual free space that you have to work with becomes very limited. A kitchen island fixes that, offering you a lot workspace.

Kitchen islands are a combination of a kitchen counter and a table, offering you access to a lot of drawers and tools while still being useful as tables. They are usually located in the center of a kitchen and can be used as countertops for food preparation, cooking and tables for quick meals.

  • The most basic kitchen island designs feature a smoot countertop that is usually made out of either wood, stone or stainless steel. They offer extra space that can be used for the preparation of pastas and doughts or a place to leave hot food to cool before serving. With this style, the countertop is about the waist level, offering a few drawers in which you can store utensils, tools and electrical devices.
  • The next level of kitchen islands are a tad more advanced. They usually come with a built-in sink, a disposal unit or other utilities. There usually are special cutting boards built in the sides too, that can be pulled out and used for dealing with vegetables and raw foods. This type of kitchen islands are usually illuminated by overhead lights. Here we would like to point out just how important proper lightning is when cooking and dealing with kitchen tasks. Almost always when we are dealing with cooking and the preparation of meals, there are a lot of sharp edges and blades involved and the last thing that we want to do is have bad lighting.
  • The most advanced and expensive kitchen islands usually come with built-in refregiration untis, that can be used for storing of ingredients. Some have electric burners, griddles, grills or mini-ovens, saving up even more space in your kitchen and offering you easy access to more devices. Some of the most advanced models also offer the possibility to complete the whole food preparation process without leaving your kitchen island – from the preparation of ingredients, to the cooking process. You can even use the table part of your island to eat the food while you are at it! The only important thing to remember here is that for such island models, proper ventilation is vital!

Below we have suggested five popular and somewhat easy to implement design ideas about kitchen islands. Below the pictures you can read short description and information with some tips.

  1. This is a somewhat standard, simple kitchen island. It offers quite a few drawers and can easily blend in most kitchens. The price tag of such models isn’t too high.
  2. Here we have another very simplistic, yet effective design of the low price range. It takes way less space than the first suggestion, while offering decent storage and work space at the same time.
  3. This is continental kitchen island deisgn. It serves not only practical but also decorative purposes. However, it will not fit most kitchens due to its unique design. These kitchen islands are a bit more expensive and have to be picked according to your decorative theme.
  4. Here we have one of the advanced kitchen islands, with a built-in sink and a huge workspace. It offers a lot of drawers and space for utilities, and can serve as a table.
  5. This is one of the most advanced kitchen island designs. It offers not only a large workspace and table but a sink, mini oven, heating and overhead lighting. Of course, these types of islands are by far the most expensive ones.

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