Selling Your Home: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

When you finally make the decision to sell your home, there are a number of mistakes that you should be aware of. First time house sellers will run into various different problems when they sell their home, which can lead to frustration, confusion and, ultimately, selling your home for a lower asking price. When it comes down to it, selling your home is no small matter – it takes careful planning and attention to details. Moreover, there are a lot of ducks to line up – paperwork with the bank, insurance documents and a whole host of other paperwork. Here are five common mistakes to avoid when selling your home.

  1. Making the offering price too high. Listing your home for an exorbitant asking price is like asking for your home to sit on the market for months or even years. When it comes down to it, you never want to list your home for beyond what it’s worth, or even beyond what the local market asks for. When it comes down to selling your home, you want to list your property for a fair value and let potential buyers negotiate. Listing your home for too high of a price can be a big mistake.
  2. Not working with the right real estate agent. Having the wrong real estate agent is a sure fire way to get a bad deal on your home and to have a bad experience selling your home. This is why it is important to do your research. Finding a good real estate is a little big like finding a good business partner, because a good real estate agent will know the ins and outs of the real estate market. If you have never sold a home before, this can be incredibly important. For instance, Linda A. Gary Real Estate has had 36 years of experience in the real estate. When it comes down to it, experience is worth its weight in gold.
  3. Falling in love with the home for all the wrong reasons. Sure, you may fall in love with a home, but what if it is located next to a freeway and you have small children, or a dog? What happens if you like to get exercise, but there is no room for a gym? If the house you are looking at is not for you, there is a good chance that you will feel a little remorseful once you move in.
  4. Ignoring the pink elephant. When you are looking for a home, it is important to weigh all the pros and cons. If the cons far outweigh the pros, there is a good chance that you shouldn’t move into the home. Also, there may be a few things that are so obvious that you just can’t ignore. For instance, what if your neighbors are loud? What if the crime rate is high?
  5. Remain stubborn. Just because you list your home at a certain price, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t change the price accordingly. However, it is crucial to reduce or modify the price if the market changes. These ebbs and flows are just part of the process, so it is critical to remain flexible. Flexibility is everything when you are trying to sell your home.

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