Selling Your Home: 5 Inexpensive and Effective Staging Tips

Staging is crucial to making your home attractive to prospective buyers, as any selling agent worth his or her salt will tell you. And yet, most homeowners don’t have the first clue about how to make their interior spaces look like the designer rooms featured in magazines and on home shows. Plus, you probably don’t want to spend a ton of dough remodeling the house you’re leaving behind. However, there are plenty of ways to stage your house that are easy, effective, and low in cost. Here are just a few to try before you put your home on the market.

  1. De-clutter. Over time, we all end up with extra junk in our houses. It just happens; stuff comes in and never goes out. So the first thing you need to do is de-clutter and de-personalize your home. You want the space to look inviting to any family that enters, not just yours, which means that personal items like family photos, heirloom furniture, and tchotchkes have to go. In fact, anything that isn’t essential to living should probably get sent to storage until your property is sold. And extra stuff like books, media, and excessive pots, pans, linens, clothing, toiletries, and so on should get swept out, as well. Staging does require you to leave some decor in place, but anything that makes your home look lived-in can hurt your chances of a sale. Use model homes or home store showrooms as your inspiration for staging. Less is more.
  2. Deep clean. The last thing you want prospective buyers to see is old stains on your carpet, dust bunnies emerging from under the fridge, or crumbs in the cupboards. Deep cleaning is essential to preparing your home for sale, so get to working cleaning every nook and cranny in your house.
  3. Update paint. A fresh coat of paint can make your space look brand new, and you can use it in all kinds of ways. For one thing, you can choose a pleasing neutral to cover the many colors you’ve added to your home over the years. It’s important to remember that you DO NOT want your personality to shine through. You’re trying to sell your home to new owners, and they want to see how their stuff, their style, and their lives will fit into the space, so setting a neutral backdrop allows them to mentally paint on the blank canvas that is your home. Of course, you could also make an outdated home look new and chic with the use of some trendy colors, such as with an accent wall. But you’re probably better off using accessories for pops of color. You might also consider painting cabinetry or other wooden surfaces that are looking a little worse for the wear in order to give them a fresh, new appearance.
  4. Cosmetic fixes. After a while you stop noticing nail holes in the drywall, chipped tiles in the bathroom, and the faucet that’s constantly dripping. But these small issues can lead potential buyers to ask what else might be wrong with the house if you couldn’t even bring yourself to attend to the tiniest of repairs. You don’t want to spend a ton of money on a house you’re selling, but a few bucks for minor cosmetic fixes could make a world of difference when it comes to attracting buyers and getting your home sold.
  5. Add some curb appeal. Whether buyers are looking at homes for sale in Charlotte, Chicago, or Cincinnati, their first impression could definitely influence their decision to buy (or not). For this reason, spending a little time and money on curb appeal could go a long way. So liven up dead grass with new sod or seed, trim back overgrown plants, and add pops of color with flowers. You might also fill cracks in pavement, add some new hardware (house numbers, mailbox, etc.), and spruce up the exterior paint if necessary. All of these simple and inexpensive touches can contribute to a speedy sale.

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