5 Kids Playroom Design Ideas

For the first couple of years of your child’s life, when it came to creating a space that was just for them, all you had to really concern yourself with was their nursery. Now that they are old enough to walk and do some independent playing of their own, you might be thinking about designing them their own playroom. The thing is, there are so many options that you might not know where to start.

If you’re considering creating a playroom for your son or daughter in the upcoming weeks or months but you’d like some really cool design ideas, we have enclosed five that we consider to be really eye-catching but also affordable to do too.

Let them swing. Ideally, this is best if you happen to have some high ceilings. But if you do, have you ever thought about putting in a couple of swings? If you decorate the room to look like your kids are outside (by painting the bottom of the walls green and the top blue with white clouds and then adding some fake greenery), they will be super excited to invite their friends over to see how high their can swing—indoors.

Bring the jungle gym inside. When it comes to things like treehouses and jungle gyms, usually we see them in the backyard of our homes or at the park. But a cool twist could be to actually bring them inside. Wayfair is a website that has some which are ideal for toddlers. However, if you’d like to try and build one yourself, Kids Dream Gym is a site that has the products that you need and will walk you through the construction process.

Build her a dollhouse. For your little princess, something that she will love to spend time inside of is a dollhouse. This look is fairly easy because you can select pastel colors for the walls, get pink or purple pillows for the floor, select a table with enough chairs for her and some of her friends to have tea time and a couple of flowerbeds to put some faux flowers inside of. You can even build her a dollhouse that’s big enough for every kind of doll that she could ever want. TheHandMadeHome.net is a great website that will provide you with all of the instructions on how to do it. Just go to the site and put “how to build a dollhouse” in the search field.

Make a whimsical room. Sometimes, finding the right kind of playroom is about simply following your imagination. A whimsical room can consist of a mural on the wall of some trees and the sun. Then you can add a big tree in the middle of the room along with a miniature slide and some brightly-colored furniture. It’s an easy way to foster your own child’s fantasies.

Add a rock-climbing wall. If your child is a bit on the adventurous side, as you’re looking forĀ this year’s best gifts for boys and girls to put inside of their playroom, why not purchase them a rock climbing wall? If you’ve never thought about doing that before, it can be a lot of fun for them as well as their friends. The really great thing about this particular option is that they’re not as hard to make as you think. Apartment Therapy is one website that can show you how easy the wall is to create. Just go to the site and put “kid’s rock climbing wall” in the search field. As a bonus, it can be a fun way for your kids to get plenty of exercise while playing on it; a wonderful addition to any child’s playroom.

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