Is It Easy to Install and Maintain a Hot Water Heating System?

What is a hot water heating system and how does it work? Hot water heating systems were mainly used in the early 1900s and were by far the most popular way to heat a home. Many of those older units still work today. If you live in an older home, you may have a hot water heating system. If you know someone with an older home, you may have experienced using one or being in a home that was heated by one. When it comes down to it, hot water heating systems are often more effective than new, central heating systems, which is surprising. In most cases, a hot water heating system is connected by a series of pipes – a boiler heats the water and sends it via those pipes to a series of radiators that emit the heat. Hot water systems are also incredibly easy to maintain.

One of the most important home maintenance tasks before temperature cools is venting all of your radiators. Venting allows for a clear stream for air and water to escape, which can ultimately make the whole system work much more efficiently. All you need for this is to know where the valve screws are, which you can usually crank open with your hand. You want to go slowly and you want to have something to catch water in, because it could get messy and dangerous if you are not careful.

Always make sure to turn off the power when you are maintaining or installing your hot water heating system. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself or someone in your home when you are performing some routine maintenance. With newer units, there is less of a risk of injury, but they can still be dangerous. Also, if you are not entirely sure where the shutoff valve is, make sure to call the professionals.

Next, you want to make sure to empty the boiler. You can think of the boiler as the heart and soul of the entire hot water heating system. Basically, the boiler heats the water and not only does it provide warmth for the home, but it is also the catalyst to spread warmth through the entire home. It is important to clean in out and drain the water every once and a while, because sitting water or unused water can start to create mineral deposits and rust, which can start eating at the metal. If you want to increase the lifespan of your boiler and hot water heating system, make sure to empty the boiler when you can.

Lastly, when you are installing or maintaining a hot water system, you always want to take precautions. Pressurized hot water can cause severe burns and scalding. So, when you are unscrewing pipes or reconnecting valves – or even unscrewing valves – always make sure to pay attention to the gauge that reads the pressure. If the pressure is too high, you need to wait for it to go down before you can work on anything else.

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