Dare to be Different

home color combinations Dare to be DifferentThe color of your home determines how you feel when you’re there. Truth be told, your mood is affected by the kind of environment or color of the room you are in. Research has shown that we tend to be more relaxed in a room with dashes of colour.

Be unconventional in your quest to get the right color mood in your home. Many of us play it safe when it comes to coloring our homes, a fact that makes us passive and bore with our homes. Fortunately, you can make headway by being different in the way you paint your home. Here are a few great ideas to infect some life into your home.

Clash the colors

When was the last time you considered clashing the colors in your home? Research has shown that color is one of the least experimented with elements in home beautification although it does play a huge role in the overall picture. If you want high success rates with color in your home, try clashing colors and you’ll be amazed by what you come up with.

Experiment with colors

The other effective way of managing your home décor properly is by playing around with colors. The fact of the matter is that, when it comes to decorating your home for the desired look, you will never get it right, unless you experiment with the colors you use. The more colors you use, the better it will be for you to get the desired look and feel. You may even find that colours you wouldn’t usually go for work really well in your home.

Do it in bits

The other mistake most of us make when decorating or painting our homes is feeling like we have to do everything, all at once, which is just not true. Incidentally, working on your home or painting your home in bits can give it the needed energy and tempo to be done properly. You could choose to do walls first, and move to windows and doors, much later. The key to success with any paint job is making it spontaneous and creative. You don’t have to have everything to make it perfect.  You can break the work in bits for better connection.

Overall, the key to having a fantastic home design is investing in the paint you use on it. It’s not enough for the paint you use to be unique only. You need to be quite dramatic and urgent even to make sure that your home gets a great facelift. Choose to be different by following through with the above tips for best results.

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