Radiator Styles for Your Home

radiator style electric heater uk Radiator Styles for Your HomeRadiators serve a lot of importance in your home they help produce some heat especially for people residing in cold areas. But you don’t just go for any radiator; some of the factors to check on include the design, for example traditional or modern, the heat-loss, size and the accessories that accompany the radiators such as the valves.

Here we examine the different types of radiators you could choose for your home.

Premier White convector radiators

Premier White convector radiators Radiator Styles for Your HomeThis is the biggest brand that goes for extremely lower prices. They work by using convection currents to transfer heat from the radiator into the room. Convector radiators use electricity, gas or oil to produce heat. They are made of a white enamel finish and are suitable for all central heating systems. Another unique feature about the radiator is that it can heat up to 120 degrees Celsius. Made of metal it can be dangerous to children therefore a guard around the radiator is a sensible solution when young children are around.

Victorian cast iron radiators

Victorian cast iron radiators Radiator Styles for Your HomeTraditional radiators, such as the Saint Paul shown above are good equipment that will add a traditional touch to your home. The traditional radiators are constructed using traditional foundry methods with some additional modern touch to it. They have clean, simple lines that enhance many interiors and columns to provide ample heat output .Additionally sizes vary according to your room size and are available in practically any colour.

Column radiators

Column radiators Radiator Styles for Your HomeSomething that column radiators have is the brilliant white finish and a very high quality. They produce ultra efficient heat making it suitable for all rooms in your home that is the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc. they come in a huge range of sizes available with two, three, four and six column radiators on offer, as well as a choice of colours, you can even match the colour of your radiator to your wall.

Aluminum radiators

Aluminum radiators Radiator Styles for Your HomeAluminum is a good conductor of heat. Having an aluminum radiator will enhance high utilization of thermal capacity, perfect low temperature and able to regulate the amount of heat it produces. They have a great white enamel finish and available in horizontal and vertical sizes.

Stainless Steel radiators

Stainless Steel radiators Radiator Styles for Your HomeSteel is a metal with high level of durability and strength. Steel radiators are fixed with welded joints that keep the radiator firm. They are easy to maintain, no risk of corrosion no risk of peeling, discoloration or other surface quality problems. You can use with any heating systems, closed circuit or open heating systems.

Contemporary radiators

Contemporary radiators Radiator Styles for Your HomeClassy radiators that fall under this category include chrome, silver, white, anthracite and black series. Contemporary radiators are suitable for central heating, all electric and dual fuel. They have satin white or black finish.

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