5 Technologies That Are a Must for an Ultra-Modern Kitchen

Dream Kitchens West Dulwich 5 Technologies That Are a Must for an Ultra Modern KitchenTo create an ultra-modern, dream kitchen requires clean, clear surfaces and sleek lines whilst embracing smart connectivity. New technology, cleverly hidden away, can provide the convenience to make everything more effortless. The following hi-tech appliances are designed to make this a reality.

Instant hot water taps
Filling the kettle and guessing the right level may be a thing of the past. Sleek, shiny instant hot water taps can be installed with a separate heating tank and filter hidden from view. They are capable of bringing water up to boiling point or slightly below, and delivering just the right amount for a hot drink, cooking or soaking pans. Typical tank capacities of 2 to 3 litres will provide up to 12 to 15 litres per hour of hot water.

Hidden taps and electric points
The secret to an ultra-modern looking kitchen is clear space and surfaces. Instead of wall-mounted electrical sockets, it is possible to press on a disk on a worktop and have a set of sockets rise majestically as a small tower from the depths below. The concept for a hidden tap has been demonstrated, where water appears from a slit in the sink when it detects hand movement. Left and right gestures then change the temperature of the water.

Wireless power supplies
Electrical cables trailing from kitchen appliances to wall sockets not only look unsightly and get dirty easily, but they pose safety hazards. Imagine simply placing a blender on a kitchen worktop and switching it on. No plugs, no wires, no fuss. It works by integrating RF technology into strategic areas below the work surfaces and within the appliances themselves. It seems almost mystical to see a pan of water boiling on a plain worktop without a hob in sight.

Automated shopping via the fridge
It is not easy to keep track of what food is left lurking at the back of the fridge when shopping. Fridges with a built-in grocery management system alert the owner when stocks are running low by tracking the contents, and can potentially automatically re-order at the appropriate time. Fridges can even provide reminders when individual items are coming to the end of their dates for consumption. By integrating a touch-screen display in to the door of a fridge they replace Post-It Notes and photos with electronic versions.

Intelligent appliances with web connectivity
The ubiquitous presence of broadband has allowed kitchen appliances to develop an intelligence of their own. Certain coffee machines can be controlled from anywhere in the world to make perfect coffee by monitoring the exact temperature of the water after precisely grinding the beans. LG has made an oven which is controlled from a smart phone. It provides remote alerts when the food is cooked and can be instructed to turn off or keep the food warm from a smart mobile device. It can also download new recipes straight from the internet to a display on the oven. Similar technology is also used to control advanced washing machines and other appliances. This is far more flexible than the basic timer functions.

The very latest kitchens create an air of magic by hiding away everything that channels resources, from electricity to water, whilst functioning with increasing intelligence, and allowing for monitoring and control from anywhere inside or outside the house.

Author Bio: Mike Johnson creates innovative Kitchens in West Dulwich, working hard to integrate ultra-modern designs and tomorrows technologies.

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