How To Hire A Home Builder

home building 2013 How To Hire A Home BuilderTo build your dream house, it would be best to hire a custom builder. Custom builders usually specialize in building high-end homes for small families. Generally, custom builders are known to build a maximum of only 25 homes in a year.

Before hiring a custom builder, ensure that you gather all information pertaining to the licenses that need to be in place. Ensure that you get opinions about the builder from friends and neighbors who have used the services of the builder. Availing the service of the town planning engineers is also recommended as they are required to sanction new homes as well as approve any additions to existing homes in the locality.

An architect will be of great help when you are drawing plans for your new home or even when you are using existing blueprints. When interviewing a prospective builder, ensure that he/she has sufficient experience in handling the type of construction that you want for your home.

It is always wise to get two or three competitive quotes for the construction job from the prospective builders. Thereafter, compare the bids to make sure that the scope of work is well covered, the quality of the materials used by each is good, and they give the same warranties, and ensure that work will be completed by the same final date.

Interview the builder to find out if the builder has built any other home like yours. If they have done so, check out the construction to get a first-hand feedback about the builder and his work. Enquire with the current homeowners if they are satisfied with the builder’s work and listen to what they say; ask about their comments, both positive and negative, about the builder.

Make sure to check out the license of the builder. Find out as to how long they have remained in business, and how large their establishment is. Also, make enquiries about whether they are insured and, if so, to what extent and whether the workers are bonded.

Make a check of the builder’s record with local home builders’ organizations, contractor associations, and the licensing board of your state. Find out if any complaints have been made against the builder.

If you decide on hiring professional and experienced home builders, problems can be easily avoided. Go online, check home builders in your local area, contact them and set the appointment.

Before signing on the dotted line of the contract, ensure that all guarantees and warranties are correctly spelled out. It would be in your best interests to have an attorney to draft the contract, or go through all the details that the builder has drafted. The contract should be drawn out in great detail and include the specific materials that are going to be used, the brands, colors, and any other details.

The contract should contain a clear picture of the payment schedule and the finance charges if any. It should include a start and end date for the project, and enlist penalties for defaults and delays. It should also clearly specify how cost overruns will be compensated for.

It is recommended that a portion of the purchase price is retained in escrow until disputes, if any, have been settled. A majority of construction contracts specify through a clause the amount that will held aside until completely satisfied. Otherwise, this cost can be used to cover any work that has not been completed. This proves to be sufficient incentive for the builder to see the end of any problem that has been left unresolved.

Sashka is a part time blogger who loves to write about home improvement, house designs and building, green living, lifestyle and decorating. This post was inspired by things to consider before hiring a builder.

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