Top 10 Kitchen Lighting Ideas

kitchen lighting ideas 2013 Top 10 Kitchen Lighting IdeasKitchen needs a lighting system for numbers of reasons, like enough light while you are cooking and illumination to enrich the atmosphere. Here are several interesting ideas for kitchen lighting. You may like one of them.

#1: Recessed Lighting

This kind of lighting makes it possible for you to have perfect and inviting lighting at once. You can place it on countertops, sink area, stoves, ceilings, and other parts too flexibly.

#2: Under Cabinet

This is the best lighting option for the working aspect. The best choice will be incandescent and halogen even though fluorescent is also available. You will need additional lighting for this choice.

#3: Inside Cabinet

This light is originally an accent lighting option. You will find things easier with it. In addition to it, your glass windowed cabinet will look better, and you have warm illumination for your kitchen.

kitchen lighting design 2013 Top 10 Kitchen Lighting Ideas#4: Track Lighting

Yes, you can have it on your kitchen as well like on club. This lighting is a multipurpose one and you can light certain area with each light. It’s pretty.

#5: Pendant Light

This is a little bit old fashioned style but you will find stylish lamps for it too. It is bright enough, and decorative too. It makes nice and inviting pool of light on countertops.

#6: General and Spot Light

Combine these two kinds of light and you will have bright and warm kitchen. You can also choose different tones of light bulbs to make smooth flood of light.

kitchen island lighting Top 10 Kitchen Lighting Ideas#7: Chandeliers

Chandeliers are great additional to your other lights. If your kitchen is a modern one, you can also find more modern style for it. It makes decorative light with elegant and rich accent too.

#8: Vintage Lighting

This is an excellent addition to your country, or classic style kitchen. Place it on the ceiling to light the island or countertops. Lantern is a nice choice. Combine with ceiling fixed lights.

#9: Make Light Layers

It makes perfect combination and result. We can have the semi flush fixture on the most areas on the ceiling, chandelier or lanterns on top of the island, and enough windows for neutral light.

#10: Spotlight the Work Area

You definitely need the light while you are cooking. Make it spotted using appropriate light. Make it bright but warm enough for accent.

You can combine the ideas or use it alone. Be careful so you are not becoming too much on it as well and put too much light. Watch on your neutral light access as well to plan.

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