10 Galley Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

galley kitchen ideas 10 Galley Kitchen Remodelling IdeasHaving a galley kitchen can be boring sometimes because we do not have a lot of space. These ideas may give you enough inspiration how to make your galley kitchen a lot more attractive than before.

#1: More Practical Storages

Use multifunction cabinets where you can have shelves and storages as well as sinks at once. To clear the walkway, you can always use your entire wall, except the backsplash, for more storage, and use the same solid colour.

#2: Colours Dashes

Sometimes all you need to do is only to change the colours dashes. Most appliances come on silvery color so combine it with colours like black and red, and maybe warm brown.

#3: Chef Fit Setting

It is possible for a chef to make all meals he or she wants on galley kitchen using poliform cabinetry, and keep it on one side. Then, you will have modern look as well.

#4: More Artwork

It is maybe because your kitchen is too boring. You can enrich your cabinets with more storages, so you have vacant wall side and you can hang nice paintings or other artwork there.

#5: Seating Sections

This sounds impossible but you can actually do it. Open up one side of the wall and let it free from kitchen duties. Use bar style table and chairs so you can make seating section.

#6: Outdoor Access

You can add access from your galley kitchen to your backyard for easy outdoor serving and more neutral light for healthier atmosphere. Work on the layout first to make it really effective.

#7: Sophisticated Touch on Small Kitchen

You can use several other details to enrich the entire like new flooring with limestone colours, countertops made of granite, and also cherry cabinets. Make it dazzling.

#8: Mix It Modern

Galley kitchen matches with simple and modern style. Combine several details like blue navy walls and marble countertops, and also stainless steel appliances. Do not forget modern details on walls and tops.

#9: Reachable Functions

Galley kitchen enables you to have all on your reach. However, keep things in order by placing the sink on one side, and the range can be on the other side for more rooms.

#10: Sleek and Modern

As most appliances come with stainless steel colours, you can use the same mirroring one on cabinets. The dining room can be on one end, and the entry on the other.

Those ideas are able to be applied alone or all together at once. They keep the simple setting, but they also enrich the look and functions at once. Now, how do you like to begin?

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