Is Stainless Steel On Its Way Out?

Stainless steel has appealed to many homeowners over the years because of its shiny appearance, the fact that it can provide a sterile surface, and because well…….it looks good. However, it seems that design companies are of the mind that homeowners may well be looking for something a little different for their kitchen design. They understand that consumers need a replacement that will blend in with their kitchens and that is as durable as stainless steel. So what are they suggesting in its place?

Recently Whirlpool have begun to introduce what they call “White Ice”, calling it the hottest new finish, and they’ve even compared it to the white finish that is appearing on iphones and tablets. Another luxury appliance company, Wolf, is designing their new appliances in glossy black. General Electric (GE) has adopted a different approach and come up with a new finish which they call “slate”. It’s more of a dulled down grey metallic which can be slotted into the majority of kitchens, a piece at a time. It also works well with natural stone materials and granite counter tops. So do these finishes work well with today’s choice of kitchen cabinets?

White kitchen cabinets are still one of the most popular choices especially for people who want a fresh clean look or who want to make their kitchen appear larger. Any of the above alternatives would work well with white cabinetry although the white finish could appear too sterile for many people. However, a way round this would be to use tiled splash backs which come in a wide variety of materials and colors. Glass tiles are very on trend and what appeals to many people, is that they are often made from recycled glass so are good for the environment too. Another stunning effect can be achieved with the latest metallic tiles which come in glorious shades of burnished copper, silver or gold and would inject a little sparkle with some much needed warmth into the kitchen.

Besides white, black kitchen cabinets are also bang on trend and these too would work well with any of the new finishes which are being introduced. There are several choices when it comes to black cabinetry including high gloss laminates, stains, paints, and even bamboo finishes. The combination of black and white is timeless and can work well both in a period property as well as in a modern loft apartment whereas he slate finish would look amazing in a modern kitchen coupled with soft grey tiles to complement the muted effect of the appliances. It would also create a tranquil and calm kitchen which is always nice to come home too after a hectic day at the office.

So, what are your thoughts on the new finishes?

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